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Samki Group is managed by experienced Technocrats drawn from premier Technology and Management institutes like IITs and the IIMs. The core group has several years of experience in various fields, focusing primarily on Recycling Plastics and Solid waste management. With in-depth understanding of technology, markets, management structures, raw materials, manpower requirements and the latest technologies available over the world, we offer you customized solutions.

Why to Ban Plastics ?

It Can Be Recycled and Reused

Technology Providers

BMH - Finland


BMH Provides complete solution for Material Recover Facility from the Municipal Solid waste and production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Offers Primary, Secondary and Fines Shredder. Capacities ranging from 15TPH to 60 TPH. Specialized Shredders for directly feeding fuel to Gasification. Complete solution for Material Handling – specializes in Pet handling system. Material feeding system for existing Cements and Energy plants.



Best choice for smaller Shredders. The home of size reduction – Solution for Plastics, Rubber, Biomass, Wood, E-waste and other recycling needs.

Montalbano - Italy


Total E-waste Recycling Solutions. Eco-friendly technology for recovery and recycling of copper, aluminums, electrical appliances and electronic equipment.

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1. Salute Water house, a franchisee for Coca Cola India Ltd – Guntur, AP

2. JNS Poly Technologies - Hyderabad

3. National Moulding Company Limited - Kolkata

4. Moser Baer Limited - New Delhi

5. Futura Polymers – Chennai

6. Royal Southern Company- Cheyyur – Tamil Nadu

7. Tan Binh Company – Vietnam

8. Amararaja Batteries – Tirupathi

9. BR Spinners Limited - Ludhiana

10. Plastic Export Zundert (I) Pvt Ltd – Goa

11. Integrated Rubplas Waste Solutions Limited – Chengelpet - TN

12. Pye Tools Limited - Ludhiana

13. ILFS – Ghazipur

14. ACC Cements

15. Ambuja Cements

16. Holcim India

Plastic Recycling

  • Re-cycling of PET bottle is one of the most lucrative business as the demand for the Re-cycled PET material is growing rapidly.
  • Samkitec has technically evaluated all the technologies available in the world and based on the Techno-Economical evaluation recommends the best extrusion technology
  • We have indigenously developed the complete washing line for Bottle-to Bottle processing right from Debaler.

SwissRtec provide the complete turnkey projects, which include the dust handling & dust collection before letting the air out.The entire process is adry process and there is no water pollution.Most of the recovered material are of high quality and therefore fetch a good price.

Samkitec provide best technologies for:

  • Sorting System - Bottles/Flakes
  • Metal Detectors/Magnetic Separators
  • Heavy Duty Grinders/Shredders
  • Washing Lines for PET,PP,PE,PC and any other plastics
  • Extrusion System
  • Crystallization System for PET.

Also we offer recycling of PP/PE, Multilayer Metalized film, BOPET, Nylon-Rigid/Fibre threads, ABS/PS/EPS

Fuel From Waste Plastics

Pyrogreen Energy Pvt Ltd bring this Unique and Cost Effective Technology to extract Fuel from Waste Plastics and Rubber Wastes. We develop or source technologies for recycling plastics of all kind. Latest in our list is the Fuel Extraction project from Waste plastics and Rubber/Tyre. It is a complete automatic plant with control & safety equipments from reputed make components.

This process involves Pyrolysis technology which is thermal degradation process in the absence of oxygen. Plastic / Rubber waste is treated in a cylindrical chamber at temperature of 370ºC - 420ºC . The polymer is gently cracked by adding Catalyst and the pyrolysis gases are condensed in a series of condensers to give a low sulphur content distillate.

Input Material Mixed Plastic

  • Scrap – in any form
  • Carry bags (even less than 20 microns)
  • Mono/multilayer pouches & sachets.
  • Rigid plastics, Disposable cups
  • PVC posters, Woven sacks
  • Tyre scrap from Bi-cycles & Automobiles
  • Cable husk , Carpets, Shoe soles
  • Thermocol, Foam. etc...


The output from the process is Furnace oil which has sufficient market and carbon ash which is used in many industries.

Oil : 40-60%

Carbon Ash : 10-20%


  • Patented Technology
  • Advanced & Commercially Proven Technology
  • Socio Business Model
  • Low Emission Process Easy To Operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable Catalyst Price
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Can Accept Any Unsorted Plastics from Muncipal Waste
  • Short Recovery Period

MSW Management

The fundamental problem of this country is segregation of municipal waste.Segregation & sourcing (by the people may not give a complete solution). The best way is to provide a Automatic segregation system with an apparel technology such as BMH Technology in Finland.

Samkitec Resource Provides Turnkey Solutions for Recycling of Muncipal solid waste right from Sorting/Seperation till Recovery of all Resources. Technology of BMH ,Finland offers to sort out segregation & processing Municipal Solid Waste in the range of 1,000 - 10,000 MT per day.


  • Need for this country is to segregate to Muncipal waste
  • Internationally proven Technology
  • Several plants are operational globally
  • Recently commissioned 3000 MT per day plant at Bangkok.

Municipal Wastes

In future it should be collection to segregation Plant - Without interference of rag pickers, animals in route.This system will eliminate the explosion of contaminated public hazardous / Medical waste found in MSW.

  • Saves health of the neighbours.
  • Provide opportunity towards “ Zero Landfilling”.

“BMH Technology can handle garbage with a moisture content of 50 – 60 %.”

E-Waste Recycling

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VP - operations – Engineer with more than 12 yrs plus of expr in process industry (chemical/pharma)

Plant Manager - Mech / Chemical Engineer with 3 yrs plus of expr in process industry (chemical/pharma)

Sr. Accounts Manager – Commerce graduate with 8years plus of experience

Purchase Manager – Engineer with 3+ years of experience in the Procurement/Purchase function with exposure to engineering / Fabrication items.

Send resume to: samki@samkigroup.in / anything@samkigroup.in

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Flat no 101, Plot No 12-2-709/c/207, Padmanabha Nagar Colony, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad - 500028


Fax: +91-40-23515967


Mr. S.Sampath : +91-9848045967

Mrs. Aqeela Siddiqui : +91-9948095967




Flat No. 101, Padmanabha Nagar Colony, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad - 500028